Thursday, 20 April 2023

Childhood Memories and The Loss Of A True Man of God


It’s a beautiful day here in Scotland and we will be leaving later on today for a wee trip away in our caravan to the seaside town of Monifieth, near the city of Dundee. We last visited in September for my birthday, so are really looking forward to it. Both of us are ready for a wee break and with all that lies ahead with our move and construction of a new office in the back garden, it will likely be awhile before we can get away again. 

We have five weeks until the “big” day, and while I have accomplished much in the way of cleaning and clearing out, the pesky chronic tendonitis in my foot and ankle has been aggravated. I’m hoping that a bit of rest and relaxation will help settle things down. 

While I’ve made good progress in my moving preparation efforts, I have found quite embarrassing the amount of wasted money that has gone out the door in clearing out so many perfectly good things that have either barely been used or worn; some not at all. The only positives in this are that a certain charity will benefit and it serves once again as a lesson to choose purchases more carefully, and buy those items that I either really need/love. 

That said, I will never be a minimalist. There are still so many items in our home that I do love and treasure. They are part of what makes our home… home. An example of this is my first cookbook, given me when I was very young. 

It was written back in 1955, so since that is a decade before my time, it must have been inherited from an older relative. I love it so much because it hearkens to a time where a majority of mothers were able to be at home with their children to pass on those important homemaking skills. This wee book is terrific in teaching a child from their first day in the kitchen, to preparing simple meals and on to cooking and baking. It addresses menu planning, setting the table, and clean up, and does so in a polite and encouraging manner. Also, it’s unabashedly for little girls, which is a bit rare in recent times. 

Produced by Carnation Milk, of course the recipes include the product in many, but I can recall as a young child looking over this book and thinking how fun it all seemed. I believe it certainly encouraged my love of cooking and baking. Why, you can even see on my first attempt at making a meatloaf as evidenced by the messy page and tick marks as I added each ingredient, though I’m not sure how good the finished product turned out! 

It was so lovely to visit a piece of my childhood and forget for a time all the grown-up worries. It’s definitely a keeper! 

I cannot close out my post today without mentioning the sad passing earlier this week of a wonderful man of God, Dr Charles Stanley (1932-2023). What a truly amazing biblical and practical teacher he was, and next to Billy Graham, my favourite preacher and I’m sure many others too. He’s taught me so much about faith and what it means to be a Christian. What a privilege it’s been to hear him preach, and if you’ve not heard him, I highly recommend it. There are many of his recorded sermons and radio broadcasts on the website “In Touch Ministries,” or on You Tube. 

As he enters those gates to meet the Lord, I just know he will hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Dr Stanley, thank you for everything.  Our loss is heaven’s gain, but you have certainly earned your rest. 

Thank you for your visit today, and God bless you. 



  1. The children's cookbook is adorable. It looks like something any little girl, in an old fashioned home, would love. I think my grandchildren would enjoy reading it over too!

    I was also very saddened by the passing of Dr. Charles Stanley. I am so grateful for his legacy. God bless you!

  2. What a sweet cookbook - I love all those vintage cookbooks!

    I hope you and your husband have a VERY restful time away - you definitely need it from all that you're going through right now. I hope you will find much healing in the beauty of God's creation. : )

    I, too, am saddened at Dr. Charles Stanley's passing. I listen to his sermons regularly and now I'm very grateful that we can still hear from him and learn from him through different media outlets. His voice is so calming yet strong.

    God bless you and your trip ahead!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing that darling cookbook and your memories of using it! So sweet. I wonder if I had been encouraged like this when young if I would enjoy cooking more? I like your beautiful "header" too with the flowers and teacup. Have a wonderful trip! So happy that you are getting so much done and can do this as well to rest a bit. Hugs!

  4. Hi Christine~ Congratulations on your new home and the upcoming move! I have taken a break and my, what a bunch of changes I have seen. I look forward to some photos of your new home when you get settled. I love those old cookbook written in 1955, my birth year. I love that simple life and sometimes yearn for it. Life seems so complicated and dangerous these days. I am so sad about the passing of Dr. Charles Stanley. He sounds like he was a Godly mad, and much loved by all. I know he will be resting in the arms of God, and most likely teaching and loving those who have loved him and missed him. So good to be back and reading your post! Hugs, Barb


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